Top Villains On Pixar Movies

admin February 9, 2018 Views 19

Despite the fact that Pixar movies created the animated movies for the kids, they still made some bad characters to make a good plot. However, they don’t always prevail in the end. That is why we want to see which ones the best villains are who made the biggest impression on the audience.

Villains Who Are Good At Their Roles

  • Randall – Monsters in their company are meant to scare kids from their closets, but when Boo started to warm up with Sulley, they don’t seem to be the scary monsters anymore, leaving their rival, Randall, to be the villain who plans something bad to the kid for the sake of the corporation
  • Lotso – who said that when it’s cuddly and pink, it’s not bad? Toy Story 3 proves that it can be otherwise because this teddy bear, no matter how cute he may look, is still a villain who doesn’t want our protagonists to join their team

  • Auto – A villain made by humans themselves. It seems scary that a machine we made would turn its back against us just because it follows an absolute order, even to the point that it will not follow the current orders of the captain.